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Programming and Coding

We improve the performance
of your vehicle

Deutsch Motor has all the necessary equipment to ensure that your BMW, MINI or Mercedes-Benz is up to date with all the latest softwares from the factory. 

How we do it?

Mecânico a realizar diagnóstico automóvel a um automóvel BMW

BMW & MINI Vehicles

For BMW and MINI cars, we have access to BMW AG's servers, which allows us to connect your vehicle to the diagnostic machine.

This way, we can identify malfunctions and update softwares to improve your car's performance and behavior on the road.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

For Mercedes cars, we use all three components of the brand's official software:

  • XENTRY Remote Diagonosis: allows you to diagnose your vehicle and search for relevant information about it.

  • XENTRY Tips: it's a universal web-based data processing system that enables the exchange of technical information, knowledge and solutions.

  • XENTRY Operation Time: accurately identifies the work items and labor times required to solve the problem.

Mecânico a realizar um diagnóstico automóvel a um Mercedes

Some of the services we provide:

  • Performance
    Horsepower increases Instant fuel consumption 120, 190, 210 or 240 km/h speed limit warning Turn on front fog lights when opening the car Daytime running lights Increasing the power of the Angel eyes Permanent speedometer lighting
  • Comfort
    PDC display same as F series on E series models Memorize Start/Stop option (if you turn off the car with the button off, when you start the car again you keep the button off or vice versa) Automatic folding of mirrors with the key Open/Close windows, roof or hood with the key Turn off the function whereby when you open the door if the window is closing it stops Display digital fuel consumption on the dashboard Start the engine without pressing the brake (auto transmission) Keep the fog lights on even when using the high beams Turn on Angel Eyes when opening the car Turn on the dipped beam when opening the car Turn on license plate lights when opening the car Remove the door-open buzzer with the key in the ignition End brush rotation even when the car is switched off Turn off headlight washers Remove seat belt warning (both or just one) Outside temperature warning Key in ignition warning when opening the door
  • Engine repair
    ECU reprogramming Particulate filter cleaning Engine rebuild Head repair Block repair
  • Testing and Diagnosis
    Analysis and removal of fault codes Brake test Brake fluid change Cooling system analysis Changing the air filter Battery change Changing the V-belt Exhaust system check Wiper blades Repairing the wiper cleaning system Fixing door latches/joints


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